Autoload Custom Filter at Startup


I am familiar with xml Server Side Plugins and I am able to autoload them at Startup by putting them in the PV_PLUGIN_PATH. I need to do something similar for a Custom Filter.

The custom filter operates on an Exodus file and provides 3 different outputs which the user can then examine separately. Is there any way to get this Autoloaded? Inside the Custom filter I am using Slice, Merge Blocks, Extract Surface and Transform. I do not know how to use all of them inside a Programmable Filter (to make a Plugin), nor do I know how to make a Plugin with 3 different outputs available to be independently viewed by the user.

BTW, were on v5.4.1 here!

Any ideas?


Just use the actual Custom Filter feature.
Tools -> Add Custom Filter


Yes, I am aware of Tools -> Add Custom Filter

For Plugins, I create corporate-wide standard procedures, I install them in the Production PV_PLUGIN_DIR and every user at Goodyear automatically gets them loaded at Startup, with no action required by the user.

I want to provide the same functionality with a Custom Filter – whenever a user at Goodyear launches Paraview, I want the Custom Filter to be loaded and available for their use.

Is this possible?


Custom Filters are stored in paraview user settings and can be imported/exported viaTools -> Manage Custom Filters.