Automatically apply view settings?


Whenever I open a file I have to go change almost everything, i.e. change to “3D glyphs” then choose “2d glyphs” then select as vertex and then select colouring.

This is quite annoying. Is there a way to tell Paraview to enable this automatically when opening specific files?

PREFERABLY without using Paraview states, maybe somewhere to change all settings or specify viz options in the .vtk file it self

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I don’t know the details of what you are trying to do, but here are 2 features that might help.

First, ParaView allows you to save the default properties to use for each type of object in your pipeline. If you look to the right of each category in the Propertes panel you will see a floppy disk save button all the way to the right.

Once you have set up your properties the way you want them repeated, click that save button 2020-08-08_12-11-00. The next time you load your data, you should get the same properties automatically set.

The second feature that might help is creating a macro. You can use ParaView’s Python tracing to create a python script that does all those things you want to do, and then you can save that script as a macro where it will appear as a button in your toolbar. This is described in the ParaView Tutorial (Help menu -> ParaView Tutorial) in Chapter 3 (specifically Section 3.3).

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Beside Kenneth’s good advice, paraview also have nice feature that can save/load state, which almost restore everything:

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