Automatically load TTK upon ParaView's startup

I installed Paraview that integrates TTK plugin on windows 10 and check the box Auto Load in the TopologyToolKit entry. However, still it did’t automatically load TTK upon ParaView’s startup. Could you suggest me on how to solve this issue? Thank you!


@kokebdese Does the plugin work when loaded manually ? Do you have another TTK installed on your setup ?

Hi, Charles and Mathieu,

Thank you for your reply
Manually itself self not working. No, I do not have another TTK installed, I just removed all.

Ok, this is the main issue then, the autoload fails because the load fails. Certainly a missing dependency (that should not be).
Do you have any error message displayed when the plugins failed that you could share ?

Now, when I select load manually it shouldn’t display any error. Even when I close the ParaView and open it again and check at Manage plugins…it shows loaded (for TTK). Nevertheless, when I test with the data following ( Using the File > Load State menu, and select the dragon.pvsm entry inside ttk-data/states:slight_smile: (as stated here: it will automatically shutdown the ParaView software without displaying any error and providing an result.


Now, what I noticed is that, from the " *ttk-data/states" itself the ParaView with TTK plugin open some files. But, still when I tried to open files like “ctBones.pvsm”, “dragon.pvsm”, “hamonicSkeleton.pvsm”…after processing for a short seconds, it will close the ParaView app.

Dear @kokebdese , sorry for the late reply.

The states files in the ttk-data repository are meant to be opened in command line, using:

paraview --state=states/dragon.pvsm

It should works out of the box this way, otherwise it should print an error in the terminal. Can you try this command ?