Automatically Saving State and Disconnect from Server before Server Timeout

Hello All,

my name is Kevin. I have been working with the High Performance Computing and Modernization Program and have an issue I would like to ask about. Would it be a good idea to support automatic state saving upon server disconnection before server timeout. I’ve noticed that when the server disconnects due to timeout, PV asks to save the state and exit (because the socket connection has been eliminated and throws PV into a funky state).

Would it be a good idea to emit a signal that disconnects from the server (saving the state, prior to this action) to preserve PV so it does not have to exit?

I have been able to compose preliminary “skeleton” code that checks for “SAVESESSION” from the user prompt in pqServerLauncher::promptOptions(); I have added a flag to vtkPVOptions in order to obtain access from pqDefaultViewBehavior::disconnectingToPreserveParaView() (signal that I have added), which if the flag is true, then saves the state to a file in the home directory, disconnects from the server, then throws up a message box asking if the user would be interested in reconnecting to the server? if yes (and upon server connection), throws another message box asking if they’d like to restore the saved state (since the state file is already known, this can be passed in as the argument; as opposed to the file dialog). I am continuing to test to make sure I make it as smooth as I can; just checking to see if this would be a worthwhile feature? Thank you.

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