Avoid pvpython to run the pipeline for all the tsteps automatically when executed.


I generated a state within the GUI and saved it in both .pvsm and .py.

The doubt comes from the fact that when executing the .py script with pvpython, it iterates automatically through all the timesteps but I would need to avoid that automated execution.

I mean that I would expect that the .py execution by pvpython behave as it is in the execution of a .pvsm inside the GUI (in terms of timestep execution when opened), in which it runs only for the first tstep when the state .pvsm is loaded (because then in my state I do all the needed operations by forcetime filters, etc)

Is there a way to avoid this automated execution through all the tsteps automatically when executing a .py by pvpython?

I am using Paraview 5.10 version

Thanks very much