Axes Grid artifacts with flat models

Hi, everyone,

I keep running into a strange problem with some models. Labels and titles of the Axes Grid get strangely large / rotated, generally completely off. This happens after I rotate the model for some time. Usually, it is easier to run into this problem with ‘flat’ models.

I’ve uploaded a model, and a movie, in which it happens in Paraview 5.5.1. In the latter part of the movie I zoom out so that the model surface is very far. The labels then get back to normal and the artifacts are gone.

This looks like a bug in VTK, or in the vtkPVGridAxes3DActor, but I can’t pin it. Any ideas?

paraview2.mkv (3.7 MB)

flat.vtk (1.8 MB)

This was written up here, on gitlab: Thanks for reporting, and giving us another dataset to replicate. This is a high priority bug, that is scheduled for spring 2019.

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Thanks, looking forward! Let me know if you need more info, and / or help with testing.

As I said, it generally is enough to work with the model by alternatively zooming in/out and rotating for some time. Sooner or later one or more of the titles / labels gets to this state. Once ‘broken’ - the labels stay broken. E.g., if X-axis title gets into this state, then it is not random - it will continue this way. Until you zoom out very far, and back in - that fixes the labels.