Axisymmetric cylindrical geometry

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I am working on some vtk files. They are generated by a java project that consider an axisymmetric cylindrical geometry. I would like to visualize the complete image in ParaView considering that the other half of the image is perfectly mirrored.
I attached here only the geometry. As you can see it represents only half of my domain but assuming simmetry I should be able to get the entire image with ParaView.
Could you help me with that?

project.pvd (494 Bytes)

@Tommaso_Scali, It sounds like you are looking for the Reflect filter.

I cannot try it on your data because your project.pvd file depends on other files (some .vtm files in a project subdirectory), but the use of the filter is pretty straightforward.

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Yes it seems to work, thank you.
I would have another question. I am trying to install ParaView in another PC (more powerful) but I am struggling with the installation.
I attached the file with the error in the terminal I get. I tried to uninstall the older version but It is not working.
Hope you can help me! Thank you
(upload://uRKM4b1U2YxNQ8WNYPpW9WNm8HO) (3.0 KB)

Something went wrong with your attachment, so I cannot see what is wrong.

It would be better if you created a new topic with this question so that it does not get hidden behind your first unrelated question.

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Thank you but I have been able to solve the issue.
Best regards, Tommaso