bad 2d plots

I have a user that is seeing bad 2d plots. They save correctly, they just don’t display correctly.

  • Windows, ParaView 5.9.1 (and 5.9.0). 5.8.0 works correctly
  • Wavelet. Apply. Plot over line. Apply.

Here is a File/ Save Screenshot

and a Snip/ Screengrab:

@mwestphal @cory.quammen

Here’s the about:

What’s a snip ? Which software is being used ?

Any (not sure which the user used), but one example would be Windows/ Start/ Snipping Tool. It basically is a pixel grab of what is on your screen.

Here is a snip using another tool of the Snipping Tool:

So the images save fine out of ParaView, but the Snipping Tool is not grabbing the screen contents okay? I’ve never seen that and don’t know that we would know how to debug what the Snipping Tool is doing. Is the display on which the problem is seen unusual, such as a HiDPI display?

  • File/ Save Screenshot is working fine.
  • Visually looking at the 2d plot looks like trash.
  • Taking a screen scrape of what is on the screen, using a tool such as the Snipping Tool, looks like trash.

Good question with regards to the HiDPT display. I will ask.

Hmmm … I wonder if this is a video card problem? I was thinking a driver issue, but maybe not?

Thanks for clarifying. Very strange indeed.

That driver (359.06) is 6 years old at this point, and the NVIDIA Quadro 600 came out 11 years ago. It could very well be a graphics card or driver issue.