better resolution


How can I improve the resolution of the rendered view?


Can you please improve your question and give some information about your data ?
This looks like we are not seeing pixels but cells on your data.

The data is in spherical coordinates. Each pixel in the picture represents a grid point. The question is how to make the picture more smooth (the smooth filter didn’t work).

As @mwestphal suggested, it looks like you are rendering cell data. ParaView renders cell data as a uniform color across the whole cell (which is generally the most honest representation of the data). If you want to interpolate the data to get a smooth field, try using the Cell Data To Point Data filter.


I tried using the “VTKm cell data to point data” filter, but it made no difference.

I think it might help if you could post some example data. I cannot think of another reason why you would be seeing patches of uniform color (unless your data had patches of points with the same scalar value).

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The reason was that I used the wrong filter. I used “VTKm cell data to point data” when I should have used “Cell Data To Point Data”. When I used the right filter, it fixed the resolution.
Thank you Kenneth and Mathieu :slight_smile: