Blank spaces between data produced by different process


I have a code that is parallelized in the z direction (32 process), and i’m interested in ploting all the information together without communicate it inside the code, this mean: each process produces it’s own .vtk file. Is there a way to plot the information without the blank spaces that are appearing between the data, without translate every single process manualy?

Ps: I’m using the filter Group DataSets to see the evolution over time of the simulation.

Thanks you!

0_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
1_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
2_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
3_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
4_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
6_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
7_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
8_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
9_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
10_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
11_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
12_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
13_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
14_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
15_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
16_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
17_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
18_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
19_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
20_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
21_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
22_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
23_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
24_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
25_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
26_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
27_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
28_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
29_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
30_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)
31_PlanoXZy106_220000.vtk (16.1 KB)

I’m afraid the legacy .vtk format is not adapted for distributed data. You may want to use the .pvts data format or the vtkHDF data format.


Alright, going to try.