box slice

I need a box slice but the box is not a rectangle like the white frame.
What’s wrong?

Could you post a picture of the “previous” filter? Pretty sure its something there and not box filter

“Previous” filters are AppendAttributes and Calculator.

I mean, picture of the View before you apply the filter, also include the previous filter.

Υeah, to cut a “Box” and be like the white frame shows, you have to take care that the “white box” is TOTALLY included in the “colored” pixels. If you include whitespace, then you can only get those kind of results.

So it’s possible that the data can’t meet the requirements of the corresponding pixels, right?

Either the data, or the “Filter” you are applying the box onto it.

You are basically giving data on Box filter that are “spaced” on a grid , smaller than the box itself.

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