Broken Color Map Editor


I am currently unable to add any nodes to the color map editor in Paraview 5.8.0-RC2, I have tried resetting all of the default settings as well as deleting and reinstalling different versions of Paraview. I am unable to edit the Data Mapping editor in any way, which prevents me from visualizing my data.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

What’s going on is this color map has enough nodes that you cannot add any more using the editor. You can double click on the overlapping control points to edit the color assigned to one. Alternatively, you can click the little gear icon just to the right of the color bar to bring up a table of data values and colors that you can edit (alas, adding/subtracting values is not supported).

Do you see any problems with adding nodes when you apply the “Cool to Warm” color map?

So, a few thoughts.

  • What I believe you really want to do is CHANGE a color of a node (as Cory says), not ADD a node. Double click on one of the nodes, as you single clicked on one in the color editor. This should bring up a color dialog. For instance, choose Green.
  • You have Log Scale and Enable Opacity turned on. But, you have visibility turned off for the reader, which is highlighted in the pipeline browser. That should do nothing.
  • Something is hokey with regards to your Color Map Editor/ Mapping Data. there should be a ramp here, showing low opacity to the left, and high transparency to the right. Any idea why this has happened? One idea to try is to get rid of your configuration settings, try again. Edit/ Reset to Default Settings, Ok, exit Paraview, run ParaView, try again.

If that doesn’t work, give us REALLY GOOD directions how to replicate. Such as: Linux, builtin server, 5.8.0-RC2; load file A (and give us file A), etc. etc.