broken grid on each side

i am confused since i make Grid 100x100x1 by define type of cell i chose hexahedron.
for first line 100 cell is correct grid (hexahedron), but in second line to last line on edge cell looks like broke (prims cell) i have many times check all connectivity its correct.
what is wrong with my unstructured grid.

G10000.vtu (1.1 MB)

thank you

The problem is the points array in your file is incorrect. After the second row of points on the top, the last point is placed in the wrong Z location. For example, in your file there are two points at the location (100, 2, 0). The second such point should actually be at (100, 2, 1). Likewise for (100, 3, 0), (100, 4, 0), and so on.

Here is a corrected file. Since they are ASCII, you can do a simple diff to see the differences.

G10000-fixed.vtu (1.1 MB)

thank you very much now its correct.