Broken Links in Developer documentation

In Documentation/dev/git/ in the section
1. (Optional but highly recommended.) Register with the ParaView project on Kitware’s CDash instance to better know how your code performs in regression tests. After registering and signing in, click on “All Dashboards” link in the upper left corner, scroll down and click “Subscribe to this project” on the right of ParaView.
The link is broken.

Following in
ParaView development uses a branchy workflow based on topic branches.
The link for branchy is also broken

Thanks. I’ve fixed the CDash link, but the wiki page still seems to be fine here at least.

The link is still broken. Upon clicking on the link, I am getting “page not found”. Please do something about it.

Which link? The ones pointed out in the OP are fine AFAICT.

@ben.boeckel When I click on using Firefox through the Sandia firewall, all I get in return is the words “Not Found”.

The .php harms, without it works for me:

Where are you all finding the link ending in “.php”? It has been removed in the master branch:

I don’t know where it originally came from, but in the first paragraph of this bug is the following:

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 11.35.35 AM

Yep; I’m not concerned with the link in this thread (hopefully it doesn’t become the launching point for new ParaView developers :wink: ), but if there are other instances around, it’d be great to hear about them.

While we’re at it, maybe there’s some tool that can poke links in documentation and call out dead ones?