Brushing and linking (InfoVis)

I wonder if it is possible to brush and link multiple views together using paraviewweb and Divvy. I couldn’t find any documentation regarding to this.


Divvy is a ParaViewWeb application which offer synchronization among its view.

Could you describe what you are thinking about?

Thanks for your fast reply. I need 3 scatterplots, 2 histograms, and a parallel coordinates plot all linked together. And brushing feature for all of them, so when I brush any one of these plots, I see the related updated views in other plots.

Best regards.

To achieve what you want, you will need to implement both a custom server and a client. Lot of the code of Divvy can be reused, but it will require some extension to actually have more than only one view for the scatter plots that you want.

You can try to develop it on your own, but if you have funds it might be worth it to involve us in the creation of your application.

I mean you can edit the client side and create a custom app with 1 scatterplot, 2 histo, 1 parallel coord. But for adding more remote rendering views (scatter plots), you will need some server side modification.