Bug in Cool to Warm extended colormap

The colormap seems to have a duplicate value halfway, see image at 0.5. (this is default 5.11)
This leads to a hickup near 0, which is not expected for a linear colormap.

cool warm extended.pvsm (209.2 KB)

Thanks for reporting @fvg

@Kenneth_Moreland @cory.quammen Think this is an issue? I believe it is… I could write it up, and if you point me in a direction of a source file, I could even create a dif.

Yeah, that seems weird. It makes sense to correct the color table.

I suspect it is not the color table definition but rather the same interpolation issue we are seeing in https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/19092

Correct, Cory. I replicated it with a sources/ cylinder. 19092 also is scheduled and has priority.