Bug in v5.5.0-v5.5.2 reading multi-time pv_%t.vtm data

In the recent versions, the multi-time reader fails to read all of the times on datafiles pv_%t.vtm, written with the ParaView XMLMultiBlockDataWriter. (Which pv_%t.vtm files are missing are repeatable for a fixed dataset, but vary with differing number of times and size of the datafiles.)

The multi-time reader successfully reads all of the times for datafile pv_%.vth written with the ParaView XMLHierarchicalBoxDataWriter.

In all previous versions going back to v3.98.1 these multi-time file types were both read in correctly. The bug appears to be present in the standard linux binaries at the ParaView download site, as well as in all of our local superbuilds.

Would it be possible to fix the bug prior to the v5.6.0 release?

Bucky, please write this up as an issue at gitlab.kitware.com and tag me @patchett2002
thanks,–John. Ethan Stam can help get this written up as well.

John: In our recent debugging work we have discovered some clues on why this reader failure occurs with “Group” (multi-time) filesets: There exists an extra block in the XML file headers involving . . . . This extra block appears after version 5.4.1. By removing this block, the readers after v5.4.1 seem to work just fine.

And I can’t recall if the issue got addressed at gitlab.kitware.com, or not. But it is still an issue.

The extraneous XML header lines did not appear in the previous msg. They are here:
“<“FieldData”>” . . . " <"/FieldData">"

This file has an example with the faulty headers, as written in v5.6.2,
WithFieldData.tar.gz (2.5 MB)
and this file has the headers repaired by hand editing
NoFieldData.tar.gz (2.6 MB)
so the you can observe the difference in the behavior in all versions 5.5.0 and greater.

(Oddly, version 5.4.1 will read the faulty files correctly.)