Bug Report for latest source code on Git compare to latest released version

Dear ParaViewers,

I found there is one difference between latest released paraview and latest one on Git:
Look at below picture, the latest version on GitHub have extra dash-line on the edge when rotate the box in picture view:

i don’t know whether here is the right place to report such bugs. pls tell me if i am wrong…


This is due to a change in the default settings in ParaView.

Edit -> Settings -> Render View -> Resolve Concident Topology -> Do Nothing

Should fix it.

Hi Mathieu,
You are right, it works!

Thanks and Best Regards,

Or set the polygon offset factor to zero on the same page, that will do it as well. The issue has to do with how we try take make lines show up on top of polygons. Our current solutions all involve tradeoffs such as what you saw.

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Thank you Ken for your reply.
I will re-try later!

Thanks and Best Regards,