Bug: Rotation of large representation with most blocks hidden still centers around middle of full representation.

As you can see in the picture attached when you rotate with only one block visible it still uses the center of the full representation. I think it would work better if the center was dynamically set to the center of all visible objects. Or at least add an option to dynamically set the center of rotation as that feels the most smooth in my opinion.

Also as you can see the center of rotation actor gets clipped by invisible objects.

I am not sure that I agree this is a bug. That’s just been the behavior of ParaView for a very long time. Resetting the center of rotation automatically might get a little confusing, or work against a center of rotation someone has specifically worked to achieve.

However, you can get the behavior you want I believe starting with 5.12 or maybe even 5.11. When you click the Reset button image, it now takes into account only the visible blocks and centers them in the view. It also sets the rotation center as you would have it.