Build a plugin from examples

I was trying to build “MyPNGReader” plugin from ParaView examples but as a result I will have the static library “MyPNGReader.a”.
My actions:

  • copy paraview/Examples/Plugins/MyPNGReader to external directory ~/projects/paraview/cpp-plugins/MyPNGReader

  • create directory ~/projects/paraview/cpp-plugins/build-MyPNGReader

  • cd ~/projects/paraview/cpp-plugins/build-MyPNGReader

  • cmake …/MyPNGReader/ >> cmake.log
    cmake.log (1.9 KB)

  • cmake --build . >> build.log
    build.log (735 Bytes)

How I can build a shared library (plugin)? Maybe I should set some variables to cmake?

You have to set the cmake var BUILD_SHARED_LIBS to ON.


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Thanks, Mathieu!