Build a plugin from ParaView Wiki

How can I build
Is command “ADD_PARAVIEW_PLUGIN” deprecated? How to fix CMakeLists.txt correctly so that I can build this plugin outside the ParaView’s sources?
Thanks in advance.

Are you building with master ? In this case, yes it is deprecated and the wiki has not been updated yet. The changes have not been finalized.

Thanks, Mathieu.
Yes, I’m building with master. What is the best way to build native(c++) ParaView plugin? How should to fix CMakeLists in this example?

Unless you have specific reasons to build with master, I would suggest to build with ParaView 5.6.0 to avoid these complications for now.

If you need to use master, there are no guides yet, but Plugin/BagPlotViewsAndFilters is a good example of the new module system.

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Thanks again, Mathieu! I will try.

I renewed CMakeLists.txt and now it’s can build with master branch. (4.2 KB)

Thanks @e-kolosov !