Build against Qt 5.9

Hi again, I have encountered the same issue on ubuntu 18.04. I tried to install the qt 5.12.12 instead of 5.9.5 but it is not the default version. Pls see the figures below. Could you pls tell me how can I configure to solve the problem? many thanks.

ParaView needs Qt 5.12. It is not compatible with Qt 5.9. Install Qt 5.12.

thanks for the quick response. I have installed Qt 5.12.12 before this post. and the qtcreator shows the version is 5.12.12. However, when I open a new terminal, it seems that the default qt version is still 5.9.5. Could you specifically tell me how I can solve this?

This is a Qt question, not a ParaView question I’m afraid.

thanks again. the Qt question has been fixed, but there`s a new problem. pls see the pics below. could you tell me how I can solve it?

You are building a much more recent version of Qt now, and ParaView 5.11 is likely not fully compatible. Any reason why you are building on old version of ParaView ?

thanks for the quick response. because I am using OpenFOAM v2306, and directly compiled from the thirdparty 2306. I have installed the Qt5.12.12 to compile the paraview v5.11. So shall I back to the old version Qt5.12.0 to compile paraview 5.11 or install the latest paraview v5.12? Any suggestions? Many thanks.

You are currently trying to compile ParaView yourself. do you really intend to ?

In any case, yes, building ParaView 5.12 should work with a recent Qt.