Build LidarView Problem

Current, I follow LidarView development guideline to build software

Everything goes fine when I enter make -j8, it hangs there as the following screenshot

Does anyone know what happens it is?

It looks like your build sticks in the downloading step, can it be that your internet connection is slow and struggles downloading the sources?
In order to be sure that the issue is coming from this step, you can try enter make -j1 instead of make -j8 in order to use only one thread and make sure there isn’t an issue somewhere else which would be hidden by logs from other threads.

In addition, the code on is outdated and we are currently working on updating it, so please keep an eye on it in order to be able to use our new version when it comes out.

thanks for reply

when can I use new version of LidarView4.0, I’m really looking forwarding to that