Build Paraview-5.11.0 with Legacy Catalyst (v1)

Dear support.

I am trying to build paraview-5.11.0 with the latest spack release.
Is it possible to configure it in a way in which Legacy catalyst will get built?
I checked release notes and in 5.9.0 it is stated legacy catalyst will be supported
until further notice. Have I missed the notice?

Legacy Catalyst is enabled with the +catalyst option (see ParaView spack package info here). Catalyst2 support is the separate libcatalyst option.

Thank you for the swift reply. I tried +catalyst~libcatalyst, however, this does not produce anymore.

I presume you are using a suitable build_edition (e.g. the default canonical one). What other options do you have? I’m not all that familiar with building ParaView using Spack so I’m not sure I can help you much further.

FWIW, I don’t think Catalyst2 and Catalyst1 are mutually exclusive in a ParaView build so the ~libcatalyst option is unnecessary (though it’s disabled by default anyway).

you are right, if I select +catalyst+libcatalyst and libcatalyst-vtk gets produced.

I think libcatalyst-<implementation>.so are Catalyst2 libraries unless I’m mistaken.

yes, you are right +catalyst+libcatalyst, has libcatalyst-*.so and are all catalyst-v2.

spack install paraview+mpi+qt+catalyst@5.11.0 %gcc

does not seem to have catalyst at all.

paraview-config.cmake states

if (0) # paraview_has_catalyst
endif ()

cmake log says:
Manually-specified variables were not used by the project:

Would somebody be able to share CMakeCache that produces catalyst v1 with paraview-5.11.0?

Here is my CMakeCache.txt (223.7 KB). Note that I used the superbuild rather than Spack (since the Spack build does not currently support OSPRay).

It’s weird that it complains about VTK_MODULE_USE_EXTERNAL_ParaView_vtkcatalyst given it seems like the Spack package script only seems to explicitly set this CMake variable for 5.10 (this line).

Thank you for the share of the CMakeCache.txt. I had a brief look and it seems this is set for catalyst-v2: catalyst_DIR:PATH=.../paraview/build-v5.11.0/install/lib/cmake/catalyst-2.0
Are you sure your build also contains the legacy catalyst?

Yes, I use it with a simulation code instrumented with legacy Catalyst1. This particular build has support for both Catalyst1 and Catalyst2.