Build ParaView with LLVM on Windows

Has anyone tried to use LLVM (with clang) to build ParaView on Windows platform and succeeded? I just don’t want to use MSVC anymore…

I do not think it’s worthwhile. The last time I tried, besides many warnings there was an error from vtkTableFFT. Something to do with a constexpr std::array not being const.

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I suggest you to build using the Native VS command line. No need to use MSVC this way.


How would using the native VS command line not use MSVC? Do you mean the Visual Studio generator?

Native vs command line uses msvc (i.e, cl.exe and friends)

You still use msvc compiler but can use another generator like ninja if you want or the MSVC generator. All that outside of MSVC itself.

It is documented here:

Thanks. I am using native VS command line (inside VSCODE with cmake tool). I am just curious about the use of LLVM on Windows platform. It looks like it is not worth the effort.