Build ParaView with VTK-m CUDA enabled

Dear all,

Please help build ParaView with VTK-m plugins with CUDA support enabled

On Release Notes for VTK-m plugin it is stated

If desired, you can enable GPU support via CUDA by building ParaView from source with a VTK-m that has CUDA support enabled.

I’ve built VTK-m with CUDA enabled flag as mentioned in official VTK manual or on this link. And installed it via make install. It installed header files into /usr/local/lib|share folders

I also picked up ParaView from sources and following official build guide for ParaView itself compiled it from source.

But I didn’t see anywhere how to tell ninja builder which compiles ParaView where to pick-up my compiled VTK-m with CUDA support?

By default ParaView repository has VTK-m git submodule and I suspect it still uses it and not recompiled one.

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04.

AFAIK, VTK does not allow to build with an external VTK-m and ParaView does not allow to build with an external VTK.

If I’m not mistaken, building ParaView with CUDA and VTK-m enabled should give what you are looking for.

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Thank you for the clarifications. Official docs kind of not clear on this.
If no other confirmation replies will be given will assume that I did everything correct