Building an old version

Trying to build an old version of ParaView (3.12.0) I am struggling with getting the right submodules ready (so maybe this is rather a git question than anything else). The purpose is to finally also compile the sources of ParaViewGeo and see what they are actually doing (before possibly porting the one or other to a current version of PV).

I cloned the Paraview repository with git and --recursive, then I did a git checkout v3.12.0. With a little trial and error I prepared a configuration file to feed into CMake that tells the system to work with some old Qt4 version.

Running CMake -R Ninja -C <myconfig.cmake>

always gives me an error:

Please initialize the git submodules.
/ultrabay/Development/ParaViewGeo/ParaView312 is not a valid git submodule.

Run the following commands to initialize the ParaView Git submodules.
cd /ultrabay/Development/ParaViewGeo/ParaView312
git submodule update --init

Now I can follow these instructions as much as I want - the message comes again!

I must say that I am still very much confused with these submodules in the main project, and whatever I type in git related to submodules…subprojects is for me just “stirring in the fog” - I don’t know what I am really doing.

So I would be very happy if somebody could give me some hints!

cd paraview
git submodule --update --recursive

should do the trick.

Thanks for the quick reply!

But no - it doesn’t do it!

What I find strange: the message tells me “/ultrabay/Development/ParaViewGeo/ParaView312 is not a valid git submodule.”

That is actually my main path for the Paraview 3.12 version, so why it it telling me that this is “not a valid submodule”?

The CMake command that I am using (after cleaning the target directory except for my setup file) is the following:

cmake -G Ninja -C Config-BCO.cmake …/ParaView312/

Here the ParaVIew312 appears, but it is my source directory, not a submodule!

In this case I would suggest downloading the complete sources from paraview download site.

They do not require usage of any submodules.

Thanks - that brought me further!

There was still another complaint in the CMake run about some ${CMAKE_ROOT}/Modules/FindVTK.cmake not found - within a CMakeText.txt in the /Plugins/StreamingView/VTK subdirectory which I decided to simply comment out. Because I assumed that VTK was already found at other “levels” - and indeed the following FIND_PACKAGE(VTK REQUIRED) succeeded without complaint - and so the entire cmake run.

Now the actual build is running…