Building Custom Application using Clone 1 and Clone 2 examples

Hi, So I am trying to build custom applications using Clone 1 and Clone 2 examples given on github.

  1. Is this the right approach, if I modify Clone 1 or Clone 2?

  2. And what’s the difference between Clone 1 and Clone 2?
    I see Clone 2 include a lot more header files and have more detailed functionality in myMainWindow.cxx.

  3. Can I add my own filters (combination of filters in paraview) or by defining a variable and assigning some features to that variable?

  4. Can I create a new button in the toolbar, which would take data from current paraview to my own simulation (which is another code in C++) and then receive data back from my simulation and display on paraview.

  5. And where exactly would I add this functionality?