Building GmshIO or GmshReader with gmsh 4.8.xx

I’m trying to rebuild Gmsh plugin for latest gmsh 4.8.2.
The are some headers in Gmsh API that requires Eigen headers.
I haven’t found a proper way to modify the CMakeLists.txt in GmshIO directory.

Could you please give me some hints how a add target_include_directories and eventually target_include_libraires in plugin CMakeLists.txt?


Is this the Plugins/GmshIO plugin in the ParaView source? If so, we should enhance it to find Eigen as well and include it in its usage requirements.

Initialy I’ve tried with ParaView 5.9.0 and GmshReader plugin
Then I’ve noticed that on gitlab GmshReader has been replaced by GmshIO…
I haven’t tried but my guess is that I will run into the same issue with GmshIO and eigen…