Building plugins from examples

I have successfully built Paraview v5.6.0 (cmake -G “Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64” -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DPARAVIEW_BUILD_QT_GUI=ON …\ParaView-v5.6.0) , then built it using visual studio 2017 (Release, x64). Then used this command “windeployqt.exe paraview.exe” because for some reason qt could not find some dependencies.

Then I was trying to build plugins from ParaView examples but I have the same errors with almost all plugins.
My actions:

  • copy paraview/Examples/Plugins/DockWidget to another directory (C:\PARAVIEW2\build2\MyPlugins\DockWidget)
  • create directory (C:\PARAVIEW2\build2\MyPlugins\build-DockWidget)
  • cd C:\PARAVIEW2\build2\MyPlugins\build-DockWidget
  • (cmake …\DockWidget -G “Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64” -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=“C:\PARAVIEW2\build2”)>log.txt

It gives warning:

CMake Warning at C:/PARAVIEW2/ParaView-v5.6.0/CMake/ParaViewQt.cmake:83 (message):
Qt ‘5.6.0’ found and will be used. Note, however, that the officially
supported version is 5.9.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
C:/PARAVIEW2/build2/lib/cmake/paraview-5.6/Modules/pqApplicationComponents.cmake:12 (pv_find_package_qt)
C:/PARAVIEW2/ParaView-v5.6.0/VTK/CMake/vtkModuleAPI.cmake:45 (include)
C:/PARAVIEW2/ParaView-v5.6.0/VTK/CMake/vtkModuleAPI.cmake:15 (vtk_module_load)
C:/PARAVIEW2/ParaView-v5.6.0/VTK/CMake/vtkModuleAPI.cmake:152 (_vtk_module_config_recurse)
C:/PARAVIEW2/build2/VTK/VTKConfig.cmake:130 (vtk_module_config)
C:/PARAVIEW2/build2/ParaViewConfig.cmake:67 (include)
CMakeLists.txt:8 (FIND_PACKAGE)

  • (cmake --build . --config Release) > Build.txt

In summary configuring gives warning that it will use Qt 5.6 but officially supported version is 5.9, despite the fact I have in environmental variables path to Qt 5.9 and built my ParaView using Qt 5.9.
During building it gives error “Unresolved external symbols”
How can I solve this errors?
I have tried to build PV with examples directly, it also gives errors.

Thank you in advance.

After I have added two dependencies (vtkRenderingFreeType-pv5.6.lib;vtkInteractionStyle-pv5.6.lib;) from (C:\PARAVIEW2\build2\lib\Release;), the plugin was built successfully.

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