Buttons in Plugin property panel disapear in ParaView5.10

I have a plugin Reader reading file and running some algorithm, in the property panel, there is a button to reload some value, servermanager xml like this:

<SourceProxy name="MyDecoder" class = "MyDecoder" label="MyDecoder">

<Property command="Modified" label="ReRun" 
          panel_widght="command_button" panel_visibility="always">
  <Documentation> Re run algorithm to reload parameter </Documentation>


This plugin works well in ParaView5.7,I have just update to ParaView5.10,Plugin compile pass and all works as expected except the “ReRun” button does not show on the property panel.

So, Is there some update for Servermanager XML I need to adjust?


This is a bug: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/21173

A work around is to use this syntax instead, the behavior is not exactly the same.

  <Property command="Modified"
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panel_visibility="always" is invalid. The old code was more forgiving, the new one isn’t. Use panel_visibility="default" or just remove that attribute.

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Easy fix then, MR incoming.