Calculate Residence time using Paraview

I am trying to calculate the residence time in a TJunction and I was wondering if I could perform that just by post-processing the results using Paraview (without injecting a tracer through scalarTransportFoam)

Try using the calculator to compute what you need.

Hi Mathieu,

I watched your Kitware ParaView Streamlines Webinar I generated ParticleTracer from a line source at one of the inlets of my geometry, however I am not sure how can I use the calculator to compute the residence time of the particles.

Is residence time different from integration time ?

No it should be the same idea, however I am not able to find the integration time when I use ParticleTracer

Please share your data.

You can find my data here: (3.5 MB)
Thank you

Im unable to generate streams on your data, do you have a state file ?

I am not sure why the previous file is not working. I have this geometry (rectangular channel) where I was able to generate the particles, you can find the paraview state file inside the folder “recChannelParticleTracer.pvsm” Files


the openfoam data seems missing

The .vtm files correspond to the openfoam data

your pvsm file point to a foam file which does not seems to exists anywhere in your archive.

I have reuploaded the data VTK_StateFile
I know when using StreamTracer → I can get the integration time which corresponds to the cell residence time but for ParticleTracer → TemporalParticlesToPathlines → does the ParticleAge corresponds to residence time as well?


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Hello Mathieu thank you for all your help.

I am trying to use the plugin: StreamingParticles, I loaded the plugin but I can’t find it when I open the following window:

where can I look for it?

Create a new layout to make the new representation type appears.

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