Calculate Streamline Density

As you can see in the picture, the streamlines are squeezed together in the region of the bubbles. I’m interested in displaying the degree to which they are squeezed; something like a streamline density? Does anyone have any ideas on how I might compute such a thing? The best idea I’ve had so far is to take Slices and run the PointDensity VTK filter, then add them back up, but that seems fairly complicated.

Hi Nathan,
not sure I have fully understood you aim, but if I see it right, isn’t the particle speed a measure of the streamline density (the higher is the speed, “smaller” are the “channels” of the particles, so higher is the streamline density)? I do not know which could be the best way to display it (it also depends on your needs), but I believe this trick could help you.

That can be true, but only for a fluid which follows the Bernoulli equation. That’s not something I can guarantee, here.