Calculate the porosity and surface roughness of the powder layer

I want to analyze the porosity and the surface roughness of the powder layer.
The critical step is to calculate the volume of powders in the extract region and export the powder information (including the location of each powder and the radius of each powder), but I have no idea how to implement it. Can anyone give me some advice?
Moreover, the version of Paraview is 5.12.0-RC1-Windows, and the DEM simulation result is calculated by Yade. The vtk files are uploaded in
Thank you! (54.0 KB)

Hello everyone. I can obtain the data of the particles (including position and radius) by opening the depo-sphere.vtk file in the Notepad but calculating the volume of the particles in the extract region by this method is relatively complicated, I would like to ask you if there is a convenient method that can address this problem in Paraview.

Maybe you should check if Compute Connected Surface Properties filter.

Its description is:

       Given a PolyData, computed the volume, area and centroid of one or more polygonal objects.
       An optional object IDs cell data array that maps a polygon to a specific object may be provided,
       or the objects will be identified as connected components in the input data.

But since you probably have a volume mesh, use Extract Surface and then Compute Connected Surface Properties.

Thank you for your advice, that really helped me.

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I am glad i could be of help!