Calculating the divergence in paraview, Gradient filter

There used to be a quite useful filter in Paraview called the GradientOfUnstructuredGrid, which I was using to calculate the divergence of vector fields.

Unfortunately, Paraview removed this filter from the latest update. Instead, we are left with a confusing and quite difficult to use filter called GradientpfUnstructuredDataset.
Applying this filter results in the creation of a confusing set of arrays arbitrarily named from 0 -9 ( ??? ) .

Is there any simple way to bring back the old useful GradientOfUnstructuredGrid filter? By means of any plugins?

Or is there any simple way to calculate the divergence of the vector field by means of this new filter in a simple way?

StackExchange post here:

Hi, that question is asked by me. I asked here again because I could not find a valid answer in Stack. Thank you.

No problem. I added the link so that people who find your question here can see the discussion on Stack Exchange.