Calculating the volume of pores in areas of huge stl files

Dear ParaView Community,

first time working with stl’s in paraview. My files are 2+ gigabyte STL’s with small areas of interest inside. They come from ct images of metal 3d printed parts.

My first approach:

Start tracing
use clip til you have the wanted area
integrate variables to get volume of pores
(add something unknown yet to get more information like shape later)
use trace to write script to do this for all the areas
use script for all of your stl files

However integrate variables does not give me the volume as I am used to with openFoam case files. Do you think this is the right approach at all?

Kind regards,

Dear all,

I think I got a step forward.
The new approach:
connectivity filter (cell count descending)
thresholds filter (min 1 to cut out out the overall cylinder)
programmableFilter using this script:
Paraview Forum Post

Only problem that it spits out zero for every regions volume. Any Ideas?

Kind Reards,