Calculating y centroid of bubble(s) for interFoam bubble flow scenario

Hello, I’ve run a case using interFoam in OpenFOAM where five bubbles are released at the bottom of my domain at rest and allowed to rise. At a specific time step, I want to determine what the y-position of each bubble is so I want to determine the y-centroid position of the bubble(s). So far, I’ve applied the Clip filter first to segregate the region of my domain where the bubbles are located and then I applied the Threshold filter to segregate the cells with void fractions of 0.5 and lower (to capture the cells defining the bubble regions). But then I think I need to use Integrate Variables or Calculator in some way to determine the y-centroid of the 3D regions defined by Threshold. Is there an easier way to do this? I’m not sure how to get the centroid equation to work here. Please help! It’s for my master’s paper work. Thank you.


Maybe CellCenters could help you ?

If not Calculator/PythonCalculator would be the right choice.