Calculator Error

Hi, I am having an issue with making calculations in paraview. For the past year I have previosuly followed the exact same steps to make the calculation of elevation (coordZ - Sealevel) with my files and data, but for some unknown reason I am now getting this error appear.

Any ideas on how to stop this from occuring?

Did you install a new version of ParaView or you just started seeing this?

Yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled this morning and had the same issues

What I mean is, have you been using, say ParaView 5.10, then started using ParaView 5.11 and started seeing this? Is the expression simply “coordZ - Sealevel”?

Would you mind providing us the dataset and reproducible steps ?

I am unsure which verison I was using when these steps were working for me (most likely an older one as i downloaded paraview about a year ago). But the issue started occuring out of nowhere in the same version that was previosuly downloaded, so I tried reinstalling and have the same issue.

The error message pops up when I select the minus key on the calculator

From the Edit menu, select Reset to Default Settings and see if that resolves the issue.

Hi Cory, this seems to have worked. Thank you!