Calculator - How to?

Hello, there.

As far as I know, my displacements.pvd (which I’m adding) consists of a Nx2 matrix where the first column represents the displacements in the X direction and the second column represents the displacements in the Y direction.

I planned to use Calculator in the form displacements_x*iHat + displacements_y*jHatbut I’m new to ParaView, and this implementation doesn’t seem to work (probably because I’m not calling the displacements column in a proper way). Can I get any help on this?

Thank you!

displacements.pvd (175 Bytes)
displacements000000.vtu (299.6 KB)

Here is the corrected version:

Displacement_X*iHat + Displacement_Y*jHat

But you could use “MergeVectorComponents” instead.