Camera configuration hides part of domain

Hello everyone,

I made a script to make a isosurface and save an image. But as you can see in the screenshot attached, my camera configuration cuts part of the domain.

What should I change to have the full domain without any part of it cut out from the image?

Thank you for your help in advance.


ResetCamera ?

I want my script to save the screenshot from the camera configuration that I have prescribed.

I think I found the problem. The Camera Position values in y and z were too small and I had "manually
" zoomed out by increasing the Camera Parallel Scale number.

The Camera Parallel Scale is the distance from the focal point to the top edge in grid dimensions?

I want a way, no matter the grid size and dimensions the image to have the same zoom, position and angle, without opening the GUI.

A way that I found is to set Camera Parallel Scale equal to a fraction of my vertical height dimension:
CameraParallelScale=1.8*y[-1] for example.

It seems to produce well fitted images no matter the dimensions of my grid but if you have a better solution I would be happy to implement.

Thank you for your time.