camera on scene

When I load a glTF scene on a web glTF viewer, I can’t rotate over all the model, it locks.
I bypassed it using the F3D viewer and enabling the trackball interaction mode.
With that clue, would it be possible to do something to prevent it in Paraview ?
Best, Frank

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Your question is unclear. This “Lock” is standard in many viewer tools and completely unrelated to ParaView glTF export.

F3D offer this possibility but other tools could also do it, it is down to the tool itself, not the glTF file.

Hello @mwestphal,
I now understand that these view problem is related to orientation.
Is there a way to change the origin orientation in paraview or I have to replace all the data ?


I’m afraid ParaView does not support to export the camera location yet.

I get it,
After looking at the axis lines, it seems to be well oriented but it’s not when exported.

I’ll still look for a way find a way to bypass it.
Thanks, Frank