Can anyone show me how to use one state file multiple times?

According to this post from 2011 it should be possible:

But I cannot find any recent example of how to do so?

I want to do it programmatically, but it just keeps overwriting when I use “LoadState”

Can anyone help?

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I found this issue:

Seems like this was never intended to be used in such a manner. Unfortunate, since I have to do 3 times the work now, but atleast I know now that it is not possible at all

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I can think of a few ways to pull this off. Lets try the simplest first. In ParaView, Help/ Sandia National Labs Tutorials/ State Management. Also, Python and then Batch.

Try saving your state file as a .py file (rather than pvsc), and then edit it, and run it with pvbatch.

The first post is almost 10 years old. I don’t think it is relevant.

The second post is specific to changing the Translate, down in the Propertes tab. Unless you specificially change the translate in the properties tab, this bug/issue does not apply to your question.

Hi Walter!

Could you explain to me how to save it as a .py file? I am only aware of saving state files as pvsm - and then I run this state file from pvpython by calling it.

And ah okay, it is just that I have x-folders with a file series, lets say “myfile*.vtk”. So the files are the same name but located in different folders. When I then tried to run my statefile it would only show me the latest one, since it just overwrite the other “myfile*.vtk”

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It’s in the Tutorial… You get the option to save as a .pvsm file. You can change this… Further, this .py is editable…

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Thanks for making me aware! It is great, seems much better to use than pvsm in the future!

I was not aware that Paraview had a dedicated tutorial, usually I try searching YouTube, but I find very few spending real time on explaining the Python backend/interfacing. Perhaps I need to do some reading in this regards.

I think I should be able to get it to work now, when I need it again in the future.

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