Hi. I am using openFoam and in many of the plotting instructions it says “Open can.exo” What is can.exo? There is nothing the documentation or on cfdonline.

It can be found here:

Another (and much easier) place to find can.exo is within ParaView. (I am assuming you are visualizing with ParaView, as you are on a ParaView support page. ) It is one of the examples. File/ Open/ Examples (upper left corner) (assuming you are not remote server).

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Thanks very much Walter.

I think that the source of my problem is that I am executing ParaView through openFoam. So to start ParaView, I enter paraFoam. I guess that paraFoam accesses all the openFoam data files and does not use a can.exo file. So I think the instructions are applicable to an openFoam user except the instructions involving the can.exo file.