can not visualize paraview, doid get any errors command

i make fine grid consist of 10000 cells and 20402 points(100x100x1)
i define all properties offset,connectivity and types.
and i did get command error, but when i visualize in paraview always like exit automatic since my file open and apply, but i read cell and node in spreed sheet.

could anyone help me

> <VTKFile type="UnstructuredGrid" version="1.0" byte_order="LittleEndian" header_type="UInt64">
>  <UnstructuredGrid>
>  <Piece NumberOfPoints="20402" NumberOfCells="10000">
>  <PointData Scalars="phasefield">

>  <DataArray type="Float64" Name="phasefield" format="ascii" RangeMin="0" RangeMax="1">
>  </DataArray>
>  <DataArray type="Float64" Name="temperature" format="ascii" RangeMin="0.3" RangeMax="1"
>  </DataArray> 
>  </CellData> 
>  <Points>
>  <DataArray type="Float32" Name="Points" NumberOfComponents="3" format="ascii" RangeMin="0" RangeMax="100">
>  </DataArray> 
>   </Points> 
>   <Cells>
> <DataArray type="Int64" Name="connectivity" format="ascii" RangeMin="0" RangeMax="20402">
>   </DataArray> 
> <DataArray type="Int64" Name="offsets" format="ascii" RangeMin="8" RangeMax="80000">
> </DataArray>
> <DataArray type="UInt8" Name="types" format="ascii" RangeMin="12" RangeMax="12">
> </DataArray>
> </Cells>
> </Piece>
> </UnstructuredGrid>
> </VTKFile>


If you can share any error messages (try starting the paraview executable from the command line if necessary) or a stack trace when it dies, someone might be able to isolate the cause.