Can only use pvbatch? when setup pvserver on linux and connect it from another windows machine by paraview GUI

Dear Experts,
I want to set client-server mode in linux-window machine. However, when i launch pvserver on linux, it is always failed connection when try to connect server from another window machine by paraview GUI, and it is OK for pvbatch.
It seems only server and client should be in the same machine, when use paraview GUI?

Another issue is when i quit from client side, and server side will quit automatically.
Is it possible to make server running all the time?
Then i can connect and play at any time i want, since launch pvserver from remote by SSH will failed, i have to go to the server computer to setup pvserver…so it is more desirable to setup once and use it all the time

Thanks in Advance!
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Definitely not, what error are you encountering ?

This is standard behavior and this is how pvserver is supposed to be oparated.
Usually one run a script that start the server remotelly before connecting to it. You can manage your scripts in the server dialog of ParaView GUI.