Can ParaView be case insensitive for variables?

Hi ParaViewers,
Is there a way to make ParaView case insensitive for variables coming out of Exodus datasets? An example would be my user wants to have v_x, V_Y and v_Z all be part fo the same vector.

One Idea I had is the python calculator. Anyone tried that?


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Calculator and PythonCalculator definitely can do that for you, and much more.

Do you have any examples of Calculator treating input variables as case insensitive? When I try (e.g. loading ‘rotation_xx’ when ‘rotation_XX’ exists), it errors out with the variable not found.

That is not what I meant at all.

Hi Mathieu,
Maybe I should have clarified to say I am looking for a way to automatically have ParaView case insensitive. In other words, have t and T be seen as the same variable, without the user having to explicitly apply the calculator for the conversion.

That sounds very hard to do correctly. Think like the “AutoConvertProperties” and all the issues that arise with it.

I think making all variables case insensitive would break more than it fixes. My users are typically supercomputer users that understand the difference between upper and lower case to be different and have machinations that leverage that. That said, I could imaging some settings in say readers and certainly within python calculators and filters where a user says (checks a box in advanced settings) “make all scalar/vector names lower case”.
yet another filter → “make all array names lower”
in Pass Arrays Filter , allow the renaming of the arrays that get passed, which would make it easier, and convenient. I’ve certainly had to rename arrays in the past, and have to look up how to do each time. A GUI mechanism with click, click, click would be nice and pass arrays might be the right way/place to do it?


Agreed. I started my discussion with my user with “that’s a really bad idea, but if you want to,…” I’m thinking the answer without any additional coding would be one of the python filters. Alternatively, teach users the difference between lower case and upper case? :slight_smile:

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Your user can use the Merge Vector Components to merge arbitrary arrays, including this example.

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