Can .txt files be imported into paraview and create a model?

I have some data (x y z coordinates) of a model in a .txt file. can I import them in paraview and generate the model?

Yes, use the Delimited Text reader and the filter Table To Points to convert the table into points.

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You should be able to get them into ParaView as a set of points - like a point cloud. You won’t have any surfaces, because your file doesn’t specify how the points are connected.

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What is Delimited Text reader. Could you please explain this little more?

How can I get a point cloud?

I opened .txt file like this in paraview. I don’t know how to get the point cloud?

Use Table To Points filter and select the representation Point Gaussian or 3D Glyphs for more complex point cloud representation.

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@Dinushika1992 :

Here is complete steps by steps for opening a .txt file inro ParaView as a PointCloud, (according to the screenshot you attached) :

  • Open ParaView
  • File->Open -> Select your file
  • Uncheck “Have Headers”
  • Set Field Delimiter to " "
  • Apply
  • Add a “Table to Points” Filter
  • Select Field0 as X, Field1 as Y, Field2 as Z
  • Apply
  • You should now see your point cloud

This is a very basic usage of ParaView, you may want to take a look into the ParaView user guide first chapter which is free to download as a PDF, or even take a look into our professional training courses :

@Michael suggestion about PointGaussian or 3D Glyph is still valid, you may want to try them out.

Thank you very much Mathieu.

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Polly, this thread directly answers your question, too.

Hi Mathieu,

I could get a point cloud. Now I want to know how can I have surface of this structure. I’m very much grateful if you can tell me the steps of it as well. Thank you

You can use the filter called Delaunay3D (menu Filters / Alphabetical / Delaunay3D).
You will get an unstructured grid (with 3D cells). In order to convert this into a surfacic mesh, you can use the filter Extract Surface.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the reply. But this method is not working for me. I followed your instructions. But nothing was happened. Point cloud is same as it was.

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