Can vtkDataArraySelection be used with custom plug-in filter that is based on the VTKPythonAlgorithmBase approach?

I am trying to write a ParaView Python custom plug-in filter that appends to data in the ParaView pipeline with data that is read in from a file. Since files can have multiple datasets, I am hoping to allow users to select which datasets to load in before applying the filter.

Currently, I am only able to expose the data array selector after hitting apply in ParaView. Is there a way to expose the data array selector upon selecting a file name (before hitting apply)? My current code is shown below. This filter is based on the reader example provided in

The python class for the filter is

class AppendFromCSV(VTKPythonAlgorithmBase):
  def __init__(self):
    self._filename = None
    self._ndata = None
    self._arrayselection = vtkDataArraySelection()

The file name is specified through the GUI using the following method. Note that the self._arrayselection.AddArray is called here because I want the data array selector to be available upon filename selection.

@smhint.filechooser(extensions="csv", file_description="CSV files")
def SetFileName(self, name):
  if self._filename != name:
    self._filename = name
    # populate dataset names in data array selector.
    if self._filename != 'None':
      with open(self._filename, 'r') as f:
        reader = csv.reader(f)
        dataset_names =
      for dname in dataset_names:
    self._ndata = None

The data array selector is exposed using

@smproperty.dataarrayselection(name="data values")
def GetDataArraySelection(self):
  return self._arrayselection

Finally, the request data method is

def RequestData(self, request, inInfo, outInfo):
  # get handle on input.
  input0 = dsa.WrapDataObject(vtkUnstructuredGrid.GetData(inInfo[0]))
  # get number of cells
  num_cells = input0.GetNumberOfCells()
  # read in data from file
  raw_data = numpy.getfromtxt(self._filename, delimiter=',', names=True)
  # get handle on output
  output = dsa.WrapDataObject(vtkUnstructuredGrid.GetData(outInfo))

  # Only add data that is selected in data array selector
  for id, name in enumerate(raw_data.dtype.names):
    if self._arrayselection.ArrayIsEnabled(name):
      data = numpy.zeros([num_cells, ], dtype=float)
      for cell in range(num_cells):
        data[cell] = raw_data[cell][id]
      output.CellData.append(data, name)
  return 1