can we use clip filter for visualizing particle data, or is it only applicable for cell data

Hello experts @mwestphal @nicolas.vuaille @Kenneth_Moreland. I have a dataset containing particle data in a packed bed of multi-sized particles, stored in a .pvd file format. My objective is to visualize particles within a thin region located somewhere in the middle of the bed using a box-type clip filter.

However, despite applying the clip filter, I am unable to visualize any particles within the specified box. I suspect that I might be making a mistake in my approach or misunderstanding the functionality of the clip filter.

Could you kindly provide insights into the following questions:

  1. Is the clip filter suitable for visualizing particle data, or is it primarily designed for cell data?
  2. Are there any specific considerations or configurations I should be aware of when using the clip filter with particle data?

Any guidance or suggestions you could provide to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Use “ConvertToPointCloud” filter first, in order to generate some cells.