Can you develope ParaView python in an IDE?

I need to develop my ParaView Python programs in a IDE debugging environment (Eclipse/Pydev is my choice). How do I do that?

@wascott, could you provide an example of a “ParaView Python program”? Are you working on ParaVIew plugins or macros? or something else?

I have a project I am working on, PVGeo, where I make a number of ParaView Python plugins which I develop and test in a standard Python environment. This is the PVGeo Python package in the PVGeo library.

I also develop a lot of ParaView Python macros (perhaps this is what you are working on as well?), which is the pvmacros package in the PVGeo library. To test/develop some of these macros, I have been successful in the past setting up ipython/Jupyter kernels for the pvpython executable which isn’t perfect but allows me to quickly test new functionality.

Making a development environment

You could always make Python packages/modules/scripts and execute them using the pvpython executable as your Python shell in the dev environment of your choice. I do this pretty often using an ipython kernel for either Jupyter notebooks or the Hydrogen plugin to Atom (the best dev platform ever!).

I’m not familiar with Eclipse/Pydev as I work exclusively in Atom, but I can imagine there is a way to set your Python kernel to the pvpython executable which would likely achieve your goal.